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Step 1: Enter Recipient Information
Recipient's Name: Example: Suzie Q
Recipient's Email Address: Example:
Note: AOL is currently blocking Virtual Spatulas, so don't use an AOL email address if you want your Spatula to arrive. :(
Your Name: Example: Your secret admirer, Hans-Pedro
Your Email Address: Example:

Step 2: Choose a Spatula


Classic Spatulas

A simple, all-purpose spatula
A beautifully arranged virtual bouquet of spatulas. Perfect for any occasion.

This festive little spatula is great for birthdays, parties, showers, or anything other celebration!


Extra Special Spatulas

This spatula carved into a cave wall is proof of the use of spatulas by primitive man.
Use the spatula, Luke.

Well, I suppose that if we have a Star Wars spatula, that we have to have something for the other half of the sci-fi population
It's a fork! It's a ladle! No, it's SUPER SPATULA!

You've always wanted a stained glass spatula, haven't you?
The next best thing to being a hippie!

Who says spatulas are only for the sober? This blurred image might be what a spatula would look like after a few drinks.
A classic, long-handled spatula to let someone know you really care.


Seasonal Spatulas

Cupid has his arrows. You'll have to settle for a spatula.
Here's a spatula for those who view Valentine's Day as the Pink Menace.

Help your friends celebrate Arbor Day in style.
Remember. Spatulas make great stocking stuffers.

A delightful Easter spatula with cute little pointy ears.
A spooky spatula for that spooky October night. Columbus Day.

Step 3: Personalize Your Spatula

Sentiment: This will appear as header on the page on which your spatula is displayed. Example: A Special Spatula For My Special Suzie Q.
Salutation: This will be used as a greeting near the top of the page.
Your Message:

Example: Oh, Susie! How did I ever survive without you? Won't you please accept this spatula as a token of my unending affection?

Closing: This will appear after your message.

Over 31739 spatulas sent to date.

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